10 Simple Tricks To Beating The Blues

beating the blues

Having A Tough Day Today?

You know, those days where you feel like nothing is going right? Maybe you are in a rut, and feel moments of feeling like you are a bad mom? Maybe your laundry is out of control, your sink is full of dishes, the baby is crying, all while you are trying to pay a bill on the phone. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with trying to balance your families’s needs, the household, and your 9-5 job. Are you working so hard to take care of everyone else that you forget to take care of yourself?

Can I just tell you, my fellow mom, that you are not alone.

Most days, I wake up in a positively energetic mood. Motivated to get things accomplished, and I’m highly focused, and get things done. Then, there are the other days. Days where I’m not as chipper as I would like to be. I’m an emotional wreak at times, becoming my own worst critic about everything that I’m doing.

I know that I’m not alone. I know that we, as mothers, are always trying to be superwomen for everyone else. So much so, that we tend to become dissatisfied when we feel like we are falling short of the high exceptions that we set on ourselves. We become disappointed, discouraged, and sometimes feel defeated. 

I know all to well about the crippling effects of sadness, and how it can affect the productivity of your day. So I listed below a few simple tricks that I have used myself over the years. 10 ways that I hope can help you during those days when you feel the blues are trying to creep in. 

1. Create A List Of Good Things.

Write down a list of your accomplishments. Things you have done that you are proud of. Write down things you are good at. Are you are good listener? Are you good with your hands? Are you a good cook? Write down things that make you happy like the sun rising, or the smell of coffee in the morning. Writing a list down can take just a few minutes for you to do. Tape it to your wall, and read it out loud whenever you start to feel like you may not be good enough.  

2. Dance Around The House.

I do this often simply because I love to dance. Find you some good music, turn it up loud, and go for it. And, if you feel like taking it up a notch, try dancing in your birthday suit. It may sound silly, but I promise you, it can be quite exhilarating. 

3. Do Something For Someone Else. 

Named the Helper’s High, performing a small, selfless, random acts of kindness can lead to lifting your own spirits. The act can be as simple as calling someone to say hello, or telling them how much you appreciate them. Buy some flowers for a friend, and leave it at their door step with a little note of love. Send someone words of encouragement thorough text, email, or even on someone’s fb wall. By doing so, you will not only set off the happy vibe within yourself, but you just may make someone else’s day as well. Sounds like a win, win to me. 

4. Exercise. 

Exercising is a great way to get the brain going. Moving around releases endorphins that trigger positives feelings within the body. I know most people don’t like to exercise. So I don’t recommend doing something that you dread. Instead, find an exercise that you would enjoy. Something like yoga, hull hooping, or suing a jumprope. I personally love to go roller skating around my neighborhood from time to time. It’s a fun, high calorie burning exercise. I’m also a huge fan of running. It helps to clear my mind, gives me energy, and gets me back on track for the day. 

5. Invest in a coloring book. 

I’ve always loved to color. It’s a relaxing activity. Adult Coloring books have become a trend in the last couple of years. There are some great adult coloring books out there like this one, this one, and this one. For those of you who are fond of foul words, check out this swear word coloring book that I found on Amazon. 

6. Journaling. 

I am a avid fan of writing in journals. I’m have been journal writing since I was kid. I would write stories about me and my imaginary friends. I would write about my emotions, my days in school, or even stories about my parents. I wrote about anything and everything that was going on in my mind. I do they same now as an adult. I write about my passions, and my goals. I write about my good days, as well as my bad ones. Jotting down my testimonies and my triggers. It’s a way for me to release stress, and getting things out on paper so they don’t fester in my brain. Writing in my journal helps me to stay in tuned with myself, helping me to be aware of my thoughts and emotions. 

7. Laugh.

They say laughter the best medicine. I believe it to be true. Even on my worse days, all it takes is for me to see or read something funny, and I instantly feel better. Find something funny to watch. Maybe a funny movie, or some stand up comedy. Something that can lift your spirits up, and makes you laugh those blues away.

8. Play Music. 

I love music. It speaks to my soul. I tend to be emotionally attached certain songs. Songs that are inspirational. When I’m having a tough day, I play uplifting dance music to get me going around my living room, or I play worship music that praises God to get me out of my funk. Try making a play list, and play it during those moments that you need a bit of encouragement. 

9. Praying

I Pray, and Pray some more. Seriously. When I feel like I’m going through it, sometimes I just have to stop, drop, and pray. I pray for clarity in my mind, joy in my heart, and peace in my soul. I am no expert at praying, but I can say that I am a woman who wholeheartedly believes in the power of prayer. When something is weighting heavy on your heart, close your eyes, have faith, and give it to God.

My top 3 verses about the power of prayer. 

  • Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24
  • Ask, and it will be given to you seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7
  • And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. Matthew 21:22

10. Reach Out To Someone.

Whether it be a friend, a pastor, or even a therapist. Talking to someone about what you are going though.  Someone you can trust, someone that you know, and  someone that won’t judge you. Someone who will listening to you, and who will support you when you need it.   

Having tough days can be perceived as a weakness making it hard for people to share themselves with others. If you are having a day, know that it’s ok, know that you are not alone, and know that with the right tools you can move forward, and still have a happy and productive day.


  1. Francine says:

    This is a fantastic list! I’ve recently started journaling again in the mornings and it is definitely having a positive effect on the way I approach my days, especially those days where I am not that motivated to tackle everything on my list.

    • Mikesha Blackwell says:

      Thank You Esther! Doing something for someone else always makes my heart smile 🙂
      I’m glad you have found ways that help you during your hard days. I think we all need a small list of things as reminders that we can use to lead us back to our happy place.

  2. Tisha says:

    This is a good list Mikesha! Praying is definitely the first thing in my list then I would try to think about all the good things I have in life… I feel a bit better right away.

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