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My name is Kesha. I’m Christian, a wife, and stay at home mom who has a passion for God, homemaking, creativity, and encouraging others. I’m a proud mom of a young adult, two teens, and a tween. I’m also a devoted wife to my best friend.

Homemaking is my ministry, my calling. I love what I do. I work to build a safe haven where my family can feel cared for, and loved. 

My Mission Statement:
To Put God First 
To seek him with the intention to know him more.
To be a whole-hearted follower of Christ and to glorify him by:
  • Supporting, Respecting, and Honoring my husband
  • Nurturing, guiding, and loving my children
  • Using the gifts that I’ve been given to share God’s love with those around me. 

 I’m passionate about God, caring for my family, and about living a creative life, full of imperfections, forgiveness, and compassion, all why encouraging others to do that same. My goal is to be unintimidated by whatever engages my curiosity, and share them with others.

About the Blog.

Home Life With Mrs B is a creative lifestyle and parenting blog with encouraging antidotes. I write about my lessons from God, my many joys in creativity, my love for food, and my life as a devoted wife and mother by sharing DIYs, recipes, and other home life moments in hopes to inspire others. I do this because I simply enjoy sharing the things I love with others. With Home Life I hope to be able to connect with other people, and encourage others to add a little creativity into their own life.

Home Life With Mrs B has become it’s own little place where you can find:

  • DIYs and craft ideas on a budget.
  • Home decor ideas on a dime.
  • Delicious Recipes for yourself, as well as your family.
  • Encouraging words to get your through your day to day lives.


Meet The Family.

blackwell family photo 2015 2

My Other Half

My husband, Corey and I are high school sweethearts who have been together since we were 16. He’s is a awesome husband, and an amazing father. He loves taking care of his family, watching anime, and geeking out on anything that has to do with space and the universe. A “technically the glass is always full,” kind of guy who is honest, funny, loving, and just an all round great person, inside and out. He is my number #1 fan, my biggest supporter, and my bestfriend.

My Young Adult

The oldest of the bunch, and the tallest person in the house, my son Shawn, has grown to become a nice young man. He has a big heart for those he care about. He graduated high school, and is now taking classes at the local college to prepare himself for a future working with kids. He is laid back, always calm, and collected.

The Compassionate One

My second son. CJ, is a very compassionate person. Born a pisces like me, he has the tendency to put others before himself without hesitation. He is hilarious and is always making all of laugh so hard our stomach hurts. He has one more year of high school left, then he is off to college to get his degree in fire science so that he can reach his goal of becoming a firefighter.

Mommy #2

It’s what we call her around here. Before my daughter, Kay came along, I prayed for a little girl who is funny, sassy, fearless, and just like me. Well, I got exactly what I wished for in her. She looks like me, laughs like me, talks like me, and even has the same hand gestures as me. She loves to sing, she still plays with her baby doll, and loves being the center of attention. He plans for the future include her following in my foot steps, and becoming a mommy of her own, after she goes to college of course.

Baby Gamer

The baby in the family, Ki, marches to her own beat. She always loves to cuddles, make crazy faces, and laugh at her own jokes. She has a love for learning, so I’m always trying to find ways to feed her appetite for knowledge. Not only is she an avid bookworm, but she also has a passion for gaming. She has plans to become a teacher when she grows up.

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