Blue, White & Sliver Christmas

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If you haven’t noticed by now, blue is my favorite color. I tend to incorporate the color into just about anything and everything that I can. From my wedding, to my clothes, to my the walls around my home, blue is definitely my signature color.

Over the past few years, I have been on a mission to collect blue decorations to add to my stash. The shades of blue that I look for are not always easy to find. Teal is a popular color during the season along with the reds and the greens. It may be a bit crazy to some, but I just love, love, love Cobalt, Royal, and Navy blues hues. So, much so that I started a tradition years ago, when my kids were young,  to decorate a beautiful blue, white, and sliver Christmas around our home.

My Centerpiece, Vase, and Sand Art. 

right side mantle

  • I made this centerpiece by putting some smaller decorations like pine cones and leaves that were sliver and blue inside big vase. I found the blue poinsettias at Michael’s Craft Store. Then, I wrapped it with the ribbon I had left from my tree stand.
  • My blue and white peppermint bottle is just blue and white sand I bought from the Dollar Tree Store. I found the bottle at Ross, and it actually has the letter B on it in gold, I just turned it around because it didn’t match the color scheme.

My Snow globe, Hurricane Vase, Snowman stand. 

Left side mantle


  • I found a huge, gallon-sized mason jar at a thrift store for just $2.00 buck! I decided to add some fake snow, a small tree, a little house, and a miniature Santa Claus inside to make a huge snow globe. All little props were found at the Dollar Tree Store. Then I topped it with a tree I made out of sliver garland and tree shaped foam. Both also from the Dollar Tree Store.
  • I made a cute little tulle ball to place on top of my beautiful sliver candle holder that I found at Ross Department store. 
  • I filled up a hurricane vase (Learn how to make one Here), with little ornaments and bells. Then I put a sliver pine cone on top.
  • I got the little snowmen from the Dollar Tree Store a few years back. I put a martini glass upside down onto the mantle, and placed a snowman on top. Around my mantle are decals found at Big Lots. I just stuck them on because I thought they added a nice, little touch to the fireplace area.  

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Mantle

I love this time of year! One of the best thing about the Christmas holiday season is the decorating! I truly enjoy it, and am in awe of other people’s amazing creativity and hard work.

How about you? Do you like to decorate big or small during the Christmas holidays? Do you have a theme? Share with me some of your favorite decorating ideas below in the comment section.

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