DIY Scrap Skirt

Before the summer started, I sat down with the kids to work on our summer bucket list. They all had some great ideas, and were able to put a great list together. While looking over the list I decided to have some things planned out for certain days. I like to be organized about our schedule. It’s makes things run a lot smoother in my home.

Every Monday is Craft Day during this summer. I plan to teach a new craft every week.

This week’s craft is Scrap Skirts!

It’s simple, cute, and doesn’t require too much sewing. It’s so easy that my girls didn’t need much help.


You Will Need:

  • Fabric of your choice (cut into strips)
  • Elastic Band (found at craft and fabric stores)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Safety Pins 



First you will have to cut your fabric 1 inch wide, and about 22 inches long.

I lucked up while I was out at Big Lots, and I came across these beautiful, precut fabrics.

It saved me a lot of time and trouble from having to cut them.


20130618-054309.jpgMy daughters also found the Tulle material we had left over from Halloween and wanted to use it a well.


After you cut your strips, measure the elastic around the girls waist. I used a marker to mark where I wanted the fabrics to start and end. I also, wanted to make sure I had enough space to sew the endings. Then I used safety pins to pin the ends together.



              Now it’s time to make the skirt!!

Grab your fabric, and start tying a knot onto the band like so


My oldest decided to put her elastic band on a chair so her hands were free to work on the skirt. Such a smart girl.


Below is an example of the Lanky Head Knot you will have to make.


You can use any type of knot. However, I found that this type of knot works best.

It took about a little over an hour for the girls to finish knotting their skirts


When they were done, I wrapped the skirt around their waist and made adjustments that were need. I want to make sure the skirt fit right.

Once I was done checking the girls work I had to sew the ends together. I hand sewn the ends, but using sewing machine works too.


“We Did It,” yelled my girls.

20130618-054318.jpg              20130618-054326.jpg

They loved making them so much that they want to make more before school starts!
What are some of you fun plans for this summer? Plan of crafting anything?


  1. Shorikka says:

    O I soooooo love this. This is going to be a little hard for me to make for my daughter, but I want to make an African color dress. do you have a youtube?

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