Finding My Way To God


To succeed in dealing with a situation.

To face it and conquer it. 

My last post was an example of me searching for peace during a time where I was struggling in a situation that I was in. 

I had a friend who needed a place to stay. Bless his heart, he came at a time where I was nose deep into my emotional and spiritual battles. A time where I was tired of fighting with my thoughts, and I was ready for more joyful and peaceful thoughts in my everyday life. A time where I made a decision to surrender to God, and grow with Him.

My friend was never a mean house guest. He respected me and my home. But I struggled with him living with me, due to his dominate energy that didn’t sit well with my sensitive energy. The whole situation became hard for me to handle.  It was hard for me to give up my space, my comfort zone. I felt invaded and attacked in my own home. I was fighting off depression, I was having bad panic attacks, nightmares, uncontrollably crying moments. I struggled to keep myself together during that time. Trying to keep my emotions under wraps because I didn’t want it to effect my family.

Through it all, I cried out to God everyday for strength. I reached out to grab God by the hand for protection. I held on to his hand so tight, like a kid holding her daddy’s hand crossing a street. I went to God more than I had ever done before in my life, I prayed harder than I had ever prayed before in my life, I got deeper into His word more than I had ever gotten into before in my life, and just focused on intentionally growing with God.

I truly believe that having my friend stay with me pushed me to go to God and rely on Him as my comforter, my safe haven, and my strong tower. Being in that place mentally, I was struggling to fight off the enemy, but I was also determined to not let him stop me from growing and walking this journey that God placed me on.

I stayed the course, and pressed toward what God had planned for me which was to:

  • Put Him first in all that I do.
  • Have faith in him, trust in him, obey him, and most of all love him. 
  • Finally love myself for who He created me to be. His daughter, His masterpiece, His creation
  • Honor him by being the being the best mother that He entrusted me to be, and the best wife that He called me to be. Homemaking is my number one ministry, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity He has given me.  
  • Glorify him by letting the Holy Spirit use my God-given gifts and talents that only HE could give me, to share God’s love to others and to serve others.
  • Obey his will, and go out into what my Pastor calls, the mission field, and bring people to Jesus. Go out and share the word, and make disciples that will be apart of the body of Christ, and work together to build up the Kingdom.

I thank God for giving me the strength to overcome a HUGE obstacle that I faced. I thank God for putting me in a situation to where I was pushed to trust in Him more. I Thank God for my friend, whom, without evening knowing it, had a hand in pushing me to a greater relationship with God. 

Through those tough months I learned that:  

  • I am stronger than I thought I was. An Overcomer! The enemy told me I couldn’t handle it.  Every time I told myself I couldn’t take it anymore, I went to God, and he told me I could. Because remember, All things through Christ gives us strength. (Philippians 4:1)
  • That through my trial I gained perseverance and a better understanding of my connection with God, and grow in my personal relationship with Him.

God is amazing! He never leaves our side, He’s always there to give you the strength, the courage, and the wisdom to get through those though days. Days when you feel like you just can’t take it no more, He comes in like the wind and swoop up your worries, leaving you with the peace that only He can give provide.

  • He is a mighty God  
  • A powerful God
  • A ‘ won’t leave you in your puddle of tears’ kind of God  
  • A God that can set your free. A’ break the chains’ kind of God.
  • A God that will dress you in compassion, kindness, and gentleness.
  • A God that will set fire to your soul from within.
  • A merciful God that gives you a new day every morning.
  • A God that deserves your honor, your glory, and all the love that you can give Him. Why, do you ask? Because he loves us, and only wants the best for us.

When things get heavy, just know that you can always count on God to help see you through it. That God gave you the power to overcome any obstacle that dares to comes your way.  

1 john 3 4


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