Our Secret To A Happy Marriage?


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It’s a question we get asked often. Our answer is always the same. For us, there is no secret. No potion #9 or special exercise that we do. It’s as simple as loving, respecting, and caring for each other everyday. Putting 150% into keep our marriage healthy and strong.

We started out as kids. Only 16 with no plans or thoughts of our future other than us being together until the end. Even at that age, we knew that we wanted to get married, and love out our days together. We wanted to make our love a top priority. As a couple, we have gone through everything you could have imagined. However, our love for each other, and our passion to be together has kept us on top even in our darkest days.

We’ve had to grow up as individuals considering the age of when we started dating. Trying to find ourselves, and figure out what we wanted to do with our lives. It was not easy for us to come into our own as independent human beings while trying to raise a family so young.


We’ve had to learn to grow together as a unit.
How to communicate.
How to come together as one.
How to set healthy boundaries with each other.

We respect each other as individuals. We don’t talk down towards each other. Instead we work to lift each other up.

We love to spend time together. We enjoy each other’s company more than anything else really. We can sit around for hours together laughing, joking, and being playful. Having fun with each other. A couple that has fun together, are stronger together.


I feel that in a marriage there should be such sharing, and oneness in every aspect (physical, emotional, intellectual, financial, social) that the resulting unity can be best described as “one flesh”.

You cannot avoid conflict because marriage is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. The key is to know how to handle loving that person perfectly.

I have learned to love my husband, regardless of the fact that he leaves his socks on the floor. Why? Because it’s just NOT that serious. I pick and choose my battles, and some things just aren’t worth the war.

As his Wife I feel it is my duty to:

Support my husband

Stand alongside him when I should

Help him when he needs it

Encourage him because WE are a TEAM

Flatter him because he needs it

I love doing all of those things for him. And he loves doing all of those same things for me.


Happy Wife Happy Life is said often by my hubby.

I have a husband who not only loves me as much as I love him, but also works hard to provide for me and our kids. He believes in the old way of living where the man works and the wife stays home with the kids. I just so happen to believe in the same thing so there was no problem there. However, he also believes in MY happiness. As I believe in HIS. It’s a priority in our relationship. He wants me to be able to have the freedom to be me. Supportive and loving until the end. That’s one of the things that make him so great. He is head of household, and I respect that. But he respects me for what I do with his children, and believes in everything I do. That’s LOVE! Sure, we have our disagreements as any human being does. But we handle it, and move on. He is the love of my life. I am just amazed sometimes at the unconditional love and support that he gives me in EVERYTHING that I do.


We laid our foundation before we even got married. We both agreed that this marriage is a lifetime commitment. Divorce is never an option.

I adore my marriage. It’s a lot of work to keep things going. But then again, the best things in life are never easy. It’s all worth it for the one I love.


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  1. Amanda Lynn says:

    I feel so blessed to know that I am stepping into a marriage like this. My fiance and I are older, both previously divorced and have found a bond with each other that we have always been searching for. You are lucky to have found that so young!

    • MrsB says:

      Thank you Amanda! I believe that as long as you and your fiancé keep in mind the love you have for each other and don’t forget what’s important to the both of you as a couple, you will grow in beautiful lasting love.

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