Peace Be Onto You!

I’m going to be totally transparent with you when I say that I have been struggling with having peace in my heart for a few months now. I have been so wrapped up in being unsettling in my circumstances, that I have failed to focus on the greatness of God in my life. 
When things feel like they are falling apart, we are to go to God, and let His supernatural peace settle our hearts.

“Security during turmoil equals God’s peace.” -Pastor Kerri, CWC

We are to fall to our knees, and pray when things get out of hand, because the world can become too much at times. But our God says that he got us, and only He can bring us internal peace as long as we have faith in who he is and all that he CAN do.
With Christ’s peace in our hearts, we have no need to fear the present nor our future because the Holy Spirit is deeply rooted within us. Only God can bring us long-lasting, internal peace that the world can’t provide.
We should expect trials and tribulations while we live in this world because this world is troubled. But, when we focus of God, we can expect our relationship with Christ to grow and produce peace and comfort over our lives because we are growing our faith in Him, and not of this world. We are to become christ-like, and in doing so we are gifted the fruit of peace. 
Psalm 62:8
Through the good and the bad we are to praise God. These days may be tough but our God is tougher. We are to focus on him, his promises, and believe that things will work out for the good of him. We have to believe that whatever we’re going through it won’t last forever. That it too shall pass. We are to cast our cares and anxieties on God because he cares for us, and will never forsaken us.
Matthew 1926 
My Flesh tells me that everything is impossible but my God says all things are possible. I can choose to drown in my sorrow, my worries, and my anxiety and let it consume my life or I can put on my armor of God and step out, and face my troubles with confidence knowing that God is in control. I can have peace knowing that this life can get crazy, but if I stay the course, and keep my faith in God, I can receive that inner peace in my heart that will allow me to stand firm, in him and his promises when everything seems to be falling apart. 
James 12
Paul didn’t say if we face trials and tribulations but WHEN we face them we should have a positive outlook on the situation. That we should try to see the light in the dark, or better yet, be the light in the darkness of your troubles. Instead of dwelling on how bad things are in your life, choose to focus on the good that’s around you. Choose to remind yourself that this tough season won’t last, because, in actuality, it won’t. Your trails and tribulations won’t last forever. God’s love, grace, mercy, and peace will carry us on until the ends of time. 

 How do you handle your circumstances when times get tough? Are you allowing God to bring peace in your heart, in the midst of your troubles? 

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