The Winter Before The Spring

We are currently in the season of Winter. The coldest season of the year. 
 In Greek, the word winter it is: Cheimón ( pronounced Khi-mone) which means storm or rainy days. 
 We’ve all been in our season of winter. We’ve all had to go through our own storms. However, on the other side of that storm is your perseverance.

During your season of winter please remember to:


  • Meditate on his word, planting it in your heart.

  • Pray continuously, fighting on your knees.

  • Have faith that our father, El Shaddai, the all-sufficient one will provide you with the comfort and peace that you need, as he always does.


Press on towards your purpose.

God has given you the authority to stand on the head of the enemy. 


I DECLARE that you:


  • Inhale confidence, exhale fear.

  • Choose joy, and love yourself, as God loves you.

  • Have faith that things will always work out for the good, because God is so good. He is your strong tower.


In Ezra 10-4, we are commanded to rise up,

take courage, and just do it.

We should do the same.


It takes a God-fearing woman, 

a Strong woman,

a Fierce woman,

a Brave woman

to walk through the storm with her eyes fixed on the Lord.


Don’t give up, my dear sister in Christ!

 This year WILL be your year! 

 Declare it!

Claim it!

Receive it!

in the name of Jesus, Amen!

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