What I Love Most About Marrying Young.


usweddingblackwhite (1)Today, we are celebrating 16 awesome years of marriage, and 21 wonderful years of being together. We’ve been together so long that we joke about how we can’t even remember what life was like before we started dating. It’s crazy! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. In honor of our anniversary I wanting to share a few things I love most about marrying my life partner at such a young age. 

We get to spend more years together.  

We love being in each others’ presence. We talk all the time about how much we enjoy simply being together, and miss each other dearly when we are apart. The younger you get together, the longer you have to be together. We are partners for a lifetime, and I look forward to growing old with him, and telling our grandkids stories about us from when we were teenagers. 

We didn’t have to deal with the craziness of the dating scene. 

Dating looks like it would be exhausting. I’ve watched others struggle as they try to maneuver through the dating world. I’ve watched my friends deal with the dramas of dating. I’ve seen people build up unrealistic expectations of how they think things should be in a relationship or the type of person they feel they should be dating. Sometimes, even bring in baggage from the past which ends up effecting how one conducts themselves in their current relationships. We started dating so young that when we came together we had no expectations of each other, and no past relationship dramas. 

We Support Each Other.

When my husband decided to follow new job, I supported him 150%. When I decided I wanted to go to college, he was my number one supporter. We are each other’s encouragers. It’s nice to always have someone by your side, cheering you on, and pushing you to reach your goals. 

When you struggle to together, you learn to become finally stable together.

We started out with nothing. We’ve gone from living with family members, to getting our own place, to being homeless, to moving across the states together. We’ve seen our fair share of tough days. However, over the years, we progressed, slowly but surely, to where we are now. We aren’t rich, but we never asked to be. We simply wanted to live a stable life. We learned to love each other during our toughest times, and in the end, we appreciate how far we have come now. We look back with amazement sometimes at just how far we have become. We feel blessed, and we take nothing for granted. 

We Get To Share Big Milestones and Achievements Together

From his promotion at work, to the kids’ graduations, to buying our first home. We’ve got to enjoy a lot of milestones, and share our biggest moments in life together.

We started our family young.

I’m just going to be honest, I can not even fathom the thought of having a baby in my 30s. Being a parent in my late teens and early 20s was perfect for me. I had the energy to be up all night for feedings, and run after toddlers all day. Everyone around us is settling down, and starting their own families now. Our kids are old enough to take care of themselves, and we are able to focus on nurturing our relationship a bit more. 

Safe Sex.

What can I say, sex is fun. Even more so when done with the person you love in a committed marriage. We can have fun without the worries of STDs. There are no expectations of how I should look naked in front of another person. Being without someone who loves every inch of your body is a confidence booster. With no worries of judgment we can openly communicate with each other our wants and needs. Our marriage is a safe zone for physical and emotional intimacy.  

We work to overcome the odds stacked against us. 

While we had a decent amount of support, we also had some family and friends that doubted our relationship. We knew statistically young marriages tend to fail. We understood that a young age coupled with immaturity would make things complicated, but it didn’t mean that we were doomed to fail, (as one friend stated to me). There are people who wait to get married, and still have problems that lead to a divorce. Divorce has no age limit. What works for us our love and mostly importantly, our commitment to each other. Never saying the word “Divorce”, and agreeing that divorce is NOT an option. 

Like any other marriage, we have had our ups, downs, and turnarounds. However, even at a young age, we knew that marriage was going to take our commitment to each other to making things work. We decided at the very beginning to go through the tough times together, and keep our focus on the things that we love about each other and our relationship.
Marriage is not for everyone, no matter how old or young you are. However, the chances of you having a long-lasting marriage are greater when you love each other wholeheartedly, you commit yourself to each other, and you stay loyal to one another. When you value your commitment to each other, your marriage can thrive, and grow into something amazing.us2016blue 

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